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Dračí Blaho

Fascial Flow®

Based on 30 years of pioneer work, Jeanne Jensen developed this unique combination of Continuum Movement®, Rolf Movement® and Body Mind Centering.

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Fascial Flow®
Fascial Flow®

Čas a místo

13. 3. 2021 10:00 – 14. 3. 2021 17:00

Dračí Blaho, Jánská 316/8, 118 00 Praha-Malá Strana, Česko

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2 days in depth seminar with  Jeanne Jeansen is moved on 18.-19.9. 2021

Increase vitality, experience more energy and strengthen the integrity of your being. Through mild, efficient movements and cognitive exercises you will gain deeper awareness of your body and improve your inner wellness. The movements of Fascial Flow give presence and direct focus to the fascia and the fluids, improving your ability to understand the signals and connections of the body. Fascial Flow is open for everybody!

Fascia and fluids provide flexibility to the organism. Fixed movement patterns or sedentary work activities affect your fascia and fluid system, making you feel stiff and dry and low on energy. When the fascia is stimulated through different kinds of movement, your body is vitalized and softened, new and fresh fluid is being produced, enabling you to move with more strength and flexibility. In this manner, you help your body heal itself. Our posture has a direct influence on how our inner world inter-communicates. We can experience the emotions and moods of the body, as well as pain and renewed strength. Your body contains everything you experience and it is important to create a flow in these bodily systems, thus letting you process your experiences more naturally. The exercises consist of gentle slow movements. You gain the best results by taking your time to sense, experience and feel how the different exercises change your body and mind. Refining your senses strengthens your resources and increases creativity and the flow of your body. Guided by Jeanne Jensen you will open the body’s capacity to heal itself. 

You will learn how new movements help you bring new vitality to your life, improve your energy levels and capacity to handle a busy life. fascial flow helps to •  improve your balance and coordination • establish your posture • develop awareness of sensations within your body • minimize pain and experience the body’s capacity to heal itself • balance the nervous system and diminish stress symptoms • establish self-awareness and a strengthened integrity • be in flow with yourself The courses are for people working with body-therapy or social work, people with physical pains, and for those who simply wish to strengthen their connection with, and understanding of, the body.

ABOUT JEANNE JENSEN Jeanne Jensen is an educated Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement  Practitioner®, Aut. Continuum movement teacher by Emilie Conrad in 2005 Jeanne has studied with Peter Levin, Hubert Godard and Body mind centering and many other teachers. From the inspiration from all the somatic movement, Jeanne has developed the movement methodet Fascial Flow ®

when: 18.9.-19.9.2021

price 4800kč


Your Reservation is complete after sending workshop cost on the account  2801472445 / 2010 into the message please write Fascial Flow and your name.

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