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Dračí Blaho

Nagual - vnitřní zvíře

šamanská práce v indiánské tradici lakota a hopi s průvodkyní Panterrou - dcerou Alicie Hamm

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Nagual - vnitřní zvíře
Nagual - vnitřní zvíře

Čas a místo

24. 4. 2021 10:00 – 25. 4. 2021 16:00

Dračí Blaho, Jánská 316/8, 118 00 Praha-Malá Strana, Česko

O události


--------info in english is below the czech text.....................

"Pokud jste lvem a vyrůstáte mezi ovcemi, začnete si myslet, že jste ovce"

Seminář Nagual je o pochopení a uchopení vnitřních darů a osudu. Každý má své nazastupitelné místo v díle života.

Duch nejde dokázat ani změřit. Můžete jej cíti, prožívat a realizovat ku prospěchu všech. S tímto záměrem si Vás přeji přivést ke spojení s Vaší vnitní silou.

Spiritualita sídlí ve vašem těle.

S sebou si přineste bubny, hudební nástroje, psací potřeby a posvátné předměty na oltář. Z celé škály metod, se kterými pracují původní obyvatelé Ameriky se vydáme na cestu k vlastním instinktům. TAm potkáte osobní zvíře. Je již ve vás vtělené a provází Vás životem.

Seminář je pro muže a ženy všech věkových kategorií.

Průvodkyně PANTERRA 

Je šamanka, terapeutka a medium indiánského původu. Je dcerou Alicie Hamm

Následuje červenou cesu v tradici kmenů Lakota a Hopi. 

Seminář je v angličtině s překladem do češtiny.

kdy: 28.11 - 29.11. 

po oba dny 10:00 - 16:00

součástí programu je hodinová pauza a oběd - k dispozici je kuchyň (bez mikrovlné trouby)

Cena semináře: 4500kč

rezervace je kompletní po uhrazení zálohy 1500kč na účet:  2601364386/2010. 120eur se doplácí 1. den semináře v hotovosti.

Panterra poskytuje během svého pobytu i osobní konzultace. Specializuje se na témata sexuality a těhotenství. 

Cena osoní konzultace - 90min je 100eur


NAGUAL (inner animal)

"When you grow up as a lion among sheep, do you think one day you're a sheep." The Nagual workshop is about to realize his own destiny and gifts. Each has his place and no other can take your place. Your place is always there! You can not measure the "spirit" or not prove it but you can feel the spirit and use for your own and the benefit of all. With this intention, I want to get you into your power! 

 Spirituality in your body 

 PANTERRA: „How much we miss if we know nothing of the existence of our original power? The human who knows consciously about the relatives, is unity with all beings, this essential assumes to be a human and identifies his part of universe. Therein is healing for all of us! 

 Please bring instruments Drums, & blindfold, something to write and if you like a spiritual obiect for oure altar to charge energieThrough a variety of American Native methods we go on a journey to our instinct.Here we meet our personal animal, that which you embody already and accompanies you your whole life, and gives you power.  My nagual workshops are for men and women of all ages.


Shaman, Spiritual-Coach, Therapist, Medium

Is a Native American Shaman, Therapist, Spiritual Medium Sacred Indigena. She is Native American and live the red way, in the Lakota and Hopi beliefs. Her approach integrates work with Great spirit as her leader,  Runes, Aura Cleaning, Homeopathy Remedies, Bach Flower essences, Aurosoma,Spiritual Family Constellations, Karma solving, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Healthy Food Advice, pregnancy care, breastfeeding consulting, Family Constellations/Family Therapy, Spiritual Tattoo, Rituals (for Daily Life, Protection, Karma cut, prayers and more), Dance Rituals, “The Red Road” and the  belief and traditions of the Lakota and Hopi-Indians.

when: 28.11 - 29.11. 

time schedule: 10:00 - 16:00

one hour break for lunch. In the studio is equipped kitchen - without microwave owen.

contribution: 4500kč

reservation is complete after sending reservation fee 1500kč on the account :  2601364386/2010. 120eur is payed first day of seminar in cash.

Panterra provides personal consultations:



Chamanic Spiritual Healer

She is the  Daughter of the Medizin woman native indian chamanic healer Alicia Hamm, and was brought up strictly in accordance with the Native American beliefs that characterizes her work, life and spirituality. She is live according to the old traditions of the Hopi and Lakota tribes, which is the red road.

She gives introductions to different rituals and ceremonies, which can be used for the daily life of everyone. In her therapeutic work she uses spiritual , NLP, Aura-Cleancing, Family Constellation Method, Soul Healing, Runes and Ritual Dances.

In case of an unfulfilled desire to have children or when couples have problems to conceive Panterra offers the possibility of a ritual which was sucsesfull applied in the past. She is guiding women's trough pregnancy and offers Advicing in breastfeeding and advices also in different alternative medicines like Homeopathy, Bachblüten, Auro - Soma and Nutrition.

In her work she is using the tatoo in their original meaning as an permanent talisman and charm like Runes and other native symbols.

In her point of view every medial consultation is individual e.g. deletion of Karma, anxiety and phobias, depression, panic attacks, Bulimia and Anorexia, Lovesickness. Her claim is to guide everyone in a preferably short time to their original power and independence. And thus into their cure. In some cases even with a medical diagnosis of being incurable.

Panterra has furthermore knowledge about handling with taboo topics in a sexual way (Impotence, Infertility, etc.) as well violation, abuse, Problems between child-parent relationship, Coming Out, Non-acceptance of the own sexuality, and so on.

She achieved good and sustained treatment results in a short time therapy. Hereby she is guided by the Great Spirit, which one is playing a central role in her beliefs of the Red Way of the Lakota and Hopi natives.

With her open-minded heart she is able to bring a lot of positive and medial energy to the private consultations. It is her aim to create a comfortable environment without analyzing and judging, to accept and respect everyone and their individuality.

"I want to offer a space for this work to all people! No matter what process someone is in, or physical or other disability one has, all are welcome and will be greatly respected for the wisdom they bring.

I have developed a technique to integrate diverse people in different processes into the circle and create the maximum possibility for us each to benefit from the other.

We begin in a circle. Then we greet the 4 directions. We make the postures of the runes and learn how to use them.

Soul balancing exercises are mixed with diferent terapeutic and spiritual Native American techniques to bring you into your full power. my you alwaise walk in biuty,

I live what I believe :o) red indian we walk the red way My life and my religion is one without judgment without expectation without comparing without punishment without lies I come across souls who are in a human being!"


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